Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chihuly Exhibit

The photos below were taken at the Chihuly exhibit at SF's deYoung Museum. Mom, Dad, Mike, Patti, and I left at 9:00 am to go see it. What a mob. The exhibit has run from June 14 and will be over in 4 days. Seemed like every gray haired person in the Bay Area was there. The pictures don't do the show justice. It was colorful, fun, and aquatic in nature... I loved it.
Reddish orange tentacle shape is eight feet tall. Length of display was at least 30 feet. Patti thought this looked like a garden. This close up shot is part of part of display with reddish tentacle shape.
eight foot high reddish shape is at far end of this shot

The three photos directly above this type are my favorites. We walked in a dark room with all the shell and aquatic shapes piled 8 feet above us on well lit clear panels. It was a fanciful trip to the ocean.

These shapes look like marbles and hard candy. Don't be deceived. The 2 boats took up a space 25 feet long. The spheres were as big as basketballs.

Close upof a bowl/flower shape that was 3 feet across

Flower shapes 10" across, a whole 15 foot wall of them!!


Waterspout said...

Very artistic. Captured well. I see you didnot forget your camera for this trip. Horray for Grandma Leela.
Waiting to here about your marvelous adventures with the dentist.

Deb Kaz said...

Gorgeous! I saw an exhibit of his at a botanical garden in Florida - all outdoors - it was breathtaking - one of the most enjoyable art exhibits I've ever seen. Did you know that he has an exhibit at RISD, opening this Saturday and running through early January? You'll have to drive "all the way" to Providence to see it. We might go this weekend.

Glad to see you're having loads of fun (dentist excluded)! Nice to see that injury is hardly keeping your mom down at all - what a woman!

Kristin said...

i love this!!! i saw stuff like this at the bellagio and the atlantis...i too was mesmorized and took lots of pictures!

Josh & Teddie said...

That is truly gorgeous! We'll have to make the trip to Providence when you get back before you go off on another jaunt of yours! I'm impressed, it really does look like it belongs underwater ona coral reef