Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mom, Dad, and I went to a play tonight at the community center, only 4 blocks away. The book that the play was based on was written by cheeseheads and set in Wisconsin. Lines referred to Mt. Horeb, Dodgeville, and Mineral Point, all places Mary and Jesse would recognize. I remember seeing a movie by the same name (The Spitfire Grill) years ago. I loved it for the great story, the lack of violence, and the gorgeous scenery. The play was a musical and very well done. It's nice to see something and then only have a 5 minute drive home!! Still in the high 80's here. Swam in the late afternoon, then lifeguarded while my Dad did 6 laps. Water 72 degrees. Evening balmy and warm. We are talking about driving to Santa Cruz to see Marianne on Saturday. All depends if she is available. Went to Cosco this morning with my parents. They were disappointed that more vendors weren't passing out free samples.

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Waterspout said...

Palo Alto does have some nice perks! Enjoy!