Sunday, March 31, 2013

Great Grandparents - Easter Photo

I know, Mom took a bad photo.. but Dad looks pretty good for 93.  Thanks for the photo, Jane

Happy Boy

Great Gray Owl

Last week a great gray owl from Canada visited Middleton.  My photos are horrible, taken with my flip phone, but you can easily see that this was a huge bird... about 24 inches high.  In the bottom photo the bird is in the ceenter of the photo on the far left fence post.  There were always 20 - 30 people gawking at the bird..  and they came from Illinois and Iowa just to take a look.  I walked 3 blocks. 

Teaching himself to read

Opening Night

Hubbard Street Art Center Art Show ...  and look who had pieces in the show!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can't Wait

Nachos topped with kimchi...  I was supposed to let this batch ferment two days, but half of it is already eaten!!!

Birthday Party

 Pre-party activities
 This is the dinner that the birthday girl ordered

 Samantha had her hair done up by E
 Aunt Mary gave her a puzzle that was 4 feet by 2 feet!!
We had fun!!

Can't Help Myself

Needing a blanket for an upcoming visitor... I debated where to go to get one.  The obvious choice was Target, but I hate the fact that all their stuff is made in China and all looks the same... Just not my style.  A neighbor offered to lend me a blanket, but the challenge was there and I couldn't resist the "easter egg hunt mentality."  Off I went to my local thrift store.  The above afgan fit the twin bed, was priced at 4.00 and washed and dried nicely (not to mention all the colors).  I love it!!!  Most likely it was made here in the USA, too!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kimchi Factory

The darker kimchi is made with bok choy/carrots/green onions.  The lighter one is made with napa cabbage/carrots/green onions.  It is sitting on the counter... fermenting.  In 24 hours it will go in the refrigerator for months.  Six months for the napa cabbage one, one month for the bok choy.  I love this stuff and eat it all the time!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Help!! Help me Decide!!

 this one is out, but I liked it anyway..
 Door County, Wisconsin #1
 Stone sculptures, Narragansett, Rhode Island
 Wisconsin hikers
Yellowstone National Park
AARP has a calendar contest every year and this year this photographer is entering.  The theme is "America the Beautiful".  I've narrowed it down to these five pcs, but I guess #1 is probably out as it is a bit too artsy.  So... Please help me decide.  Enlarge them to really see what they look like.  Thanks for your help.  (Don't forget to comment.. so I know your choice)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Walking Winter Wall

Not too many walkers.... 

Not Quite the Same

On a recent trip to RI I was struck by how affected the landscape remains from Sandy and now Nemo.  The face of Wakefield is changing.  Seems like most of the very old trees are either down or looking very worn out, with broken branches and unsightly silhouettes.  Unless folks begin to replant the town will have a different look.  Seeing the beach in such disrepair saddens me.... but perhaps is a true reminder of the frailty of life...

The Last of Disney Photos

 Counting down at the Magic Kingdom....
 Pressing Pennies
 How long is the line there???
 If you go to Downtown Disney.... don't miss the T-Rex Cafe
 Who has the biggest smile???
 They are sitting right behind the Captain... This is the boat that went from our resort to Downtown Disney
And so ends the Disney Saga