Friday, September 19, 2008

Catching Up

Finally straightened out the 3 hour time difference.... Now I can go to bed when everyone else does. I've spent much of the past two days cleaning one of the store rooms. Interesting discoveries..... a box of 200 plus bank statements from 1952 - 1955, a box of all of dad's finals and reports from Stanford (1942 - 43), lots of empty jars and plenty of fruit cake cans. Much of the other stuff (a power washer, a brass boy scout bugle, books, ...) went to Matt's. His neighborhood is having a yard sale tomorrow. After walking the dog at 7 am I will head over. Hopefully I'll get to jump in the pool again before the sun disappears behind the redwood tree. Thai restaurant food tonight. Drove down Oak Grove tonight, Jesse. Had to stop at the tracks to let a train pass. Surprise.

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Waterspout said...

Look out 640. Organizational Queen is here.