Friday, June 26, 2009

Explanation 4 Ted

Now you'll understand why I 'm not home very much. Yesterday I went with Pam C. to Storehouse in Worcester, MA. We left at 6:30 am and arrived home at 6:00 pm, after a brief stop at Belmonts. I was exhausted. Then at 7 pm I went to Sears, still searching for the perfect mower. Today went with Judie (Misty's Judie) to her grandson's graduation at Broad Rock at 8:30 am. Am going at 11:20 with Pam C. to take lunch to Lois S. (who had hip surgery) but I have to be back at 1:45 to get to Mollie's to take her to the doctor. Imagine at age 98 and 360 days having to go to a new doc!! It happens to be a man I have seen and Mollie seemed relieved to have someone going with her... (I'm going to make a big effort to go to her birthday party on the 4th in Warwick.) Then I 'm taking dinner to the Balls at 5:00. She recently had her 4th. By next Monday the Y will reopen pool. I've missed that!! Maybe things will get back to the old routine, where I might even have a few minutes to pull some weeds. I know you're just as busy. Love...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Pics

Can't figure out how to get photos of recent trip to WI on this blog... Too many different computers in the last three weeks... My brain just can't remember. Had a great time in WI. Hopefully photos will follow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


That old shark bite, almost 10 years old now, just keeps opening doors. Who would ever imagine that I would be going to speak as part of a contingent of shark attack survivors before the U.S. Congress on behalf of sharks!!!. A man who is also a shark attack survivor called on the phone last night and after a little small talk about missing body parts and Shark Week he asked me how I felt about sharks.
"Honestly," I said, " they're amazing creatures (mean, but amazing). I entered their world at dinner time. I hold no gradges against them."
He was thrilled and then invited me to go with 10 other victims on July 15th to Washington D.C and speak on behalf of a bill that is before Congress and has to do with finning of sharks. I don't know all the details, but I do know that the PEW Charitalble Trust will pay for my ticket there, and my food and lodging. I will arrive on the 14th and maybe leave on the 15th. I say maybe because I may stay a bit longer once I'm there. I thought I would be in RI for the remainder of the summer, but this opportunity just sounds like way too much fun!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Almost finished unpacking. The turkish kilims are both on the floor in the living room and they're gorgeous. I promise I will take a picture. I'm still waking up at 4 am and am unable to go back to sleep, then about 2 I'm ready for a nap, but so far that hasn't been succesful either. Checkbook is balanced again, bills are paid, the car is filled with gas , I pulled a few more weeds and I've gone swimming twice. My biggest adjustment to American life was when I went to the grocery store. I had forgotten how giant some supermarkets are. I prefer fewer choices and a smaller store, but I do like the fact that I can drive the groceries home instead of lugging them up Ionnanis. In a few minutes I'm going to pick up John (after he does 4 hours worth of work for Judith) and he's going to cut the grass. He has to do it today because it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. Living on his own has definitley brought about some good changes.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Arrived Alive

Long day yesterday. The phone woke us up at 3 am and I never went back to sleep. Taxi came at 6:15 and then the trip began. A bit confusing in the Munich Airport, but other than that, things went well. I arrived home after layovers in Munich and Dulles, with my head buzzing, at 7:30 pm (2:30 am Greek time). Did not get to sleep till 10:00 pm (4:00 am Greek time) and then woke up at 3:00 am (10:00 am Greek time). My first impressions of RI after such a long hiatus are ... that it looks like a rain forest!! So much green and so many trees. Greece is arid and dry and HOT. And it's so quiet here. I got used to garbage trucks banging dumpsters overhead at 2:00 am, car alarms going off for days, and buses and cars passing by our window almost constantly, not to mention the bird that sang all night, the nearby soccer players yelling well past midnight, cats screeching at all hours, and the distant sound of a bugle from the nearby naval facility. Aghia Paraskevia only quieted down in the dead of night. After wilting in the 90 plus heat it's good to feel alive in the coolness. My garden is overgrown with weeds, some up to my waist. I yanked a few last night and will tackle more today. It should be in fine shape in a couple of weeks. I'm happy to be home, but will miss my very attentive and thoughtful husband. See you in 6 weeks, Ted!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last field trip of THIS visit.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Running Out of Time

Am trying to post everything before I leave, but there are lots of photos that you'll just have to see in person. I get tired of sitting at a screen. It is above 90 today, very little wind and feels like an oven. I think I timed my Wednesday departure perfectly. Yesterday Ted and I went downtown to the one museum I had never been into, The National Archeological Museum. Saw all kinds of statues that I was very familiar with from my days as an art history major. The musum was airconditioned, too... which made it very pleasant. Tomorrow is a Greek holiday. The Holiday of the Holy Spirit!! ACG is closed. Looks like we will go grocery shopping and spend every free minute at the pool!!


These shots are better if you click on them.

One of the most photogenic places we visited, but unfortunatly also VERY CROWDED with tourists

Ted rode in the very first car going down from Santorini. I rode in the last car, facing backwards.

Tender Boats that ferried us to the port

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Patmos #1

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Ted says to remind you all to click on Older Posts (bottom right) because I posted so many photos at once!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Konked Out

Going on a cruise can be exhausting!! The black plastic bag is filled with the camel purses , the flute and the bookmarks.

Mom's Downfall

This room was my downfall. After tromping through hot Ephesus we were led to a showroom underground (cooler) and given seats along the perimeter. Apple tea was served as the salesman gave us a history of turkish carpets. Then the show began. Two workers threw carpets right and left all over the open floor, as the saleman narrated which part of Turkey they were from and what natural dyes were used. Those of you who know me, know that I like COLOR. I was hypnotized by the show, which was constantly changing as the men threw more and more carpets down. To make a long story short.... I bought not one carpet... but two... They are not like the ones you see here. They are Killiums (sp). Very colorful... of course no one will be allowed to walk on them with shoes on!! Ted condoned the whole thing saying... "You're not just buying a carpet, you're buying a memory!" Who could resist?

Kusadasi, Turkey

After walking through Ancient Ephesus we went to Kusadasi, a port city where our ship had docked. We then went on a tour of a carpet room and learned how carpets in Turkey are considered works of art, how women work for years and years and years, copying a pattern, how their spirit is somehow woven into the pattern, what a cultural treasure these carpets are. This woman was sitting outside the carpet room, weaving. Talk about painstaking!!!

Funky Ancient Ephesus Restroom

This was the mens openair WC. Notice plastic flowers above the mirrors and containers of pink hand soap . On the girls side there was a pink bottle by each sink.


This guy would not leave me alone as I exited the bazaar like shops right outside of Ancient Ephesus. Ted thought it was hysterical that he kept following me. He told me he made the wooden flute that he was trying to sell me. I bought one for 1/2 price, but am pretty sure it was made it China. This was after I had already bought 2 purses with camels on them, and two bookmarks. It was the beginning of my shopping spree!!

Library at Ephesus

Different shots of the Library at Ancient Ephesus. You'll notice that the library is way at the end of the walkway. We have lots more shots of this grand building. Ask to see them when I return.

Mom & Dad in Ephesus

Teddie, you would hate Ephesus. There were giant black spiders crawling all over the walkway, freaking many people out!

Ephesus - Turkey

Just a few of the many photos Ted took at this giant site. This was my favorite stop on the cruise, probably because it was in the middle of nowhere, far from honking horns and that stinking diesel fuel. We left the ship at 7 am and were one of the first groups to walk through the gate into Ancient Ephesus. It was not scorching hot, yet, although you'll notice that most people had hats and short sleeves, and sometimes umbrellas. We were there a good hour, walking down the main road. The guide made it very clear that we were only seeing 10 - 15 percent of the entire site. This was a thriving city in its' day. No wonder Paul came here. It used to be near the sea, but it is now 8 kilometers from water. Its' demise came because a river meandered too close and malaria wiped out the people. Everything about this place was fascinating. Remind me to show you more of the shots when I return. (Don't forget to click on the photos for greater detail.)