Saturday, September 25, 2010


Tomatillos after they had been boiled in salted water. After I cut the cores out I rough chopped them, added hot seasoning and tobasco. Green salsa.
I added some of the boiled tomatillo pieces to my salad.

Cliff Walk Sunset

Pictures taken weeks ago. Not posted because I left my camera in someone else's car. I hadn't been on Newport's famous walk for about five years. It was gorgeous.

Teddie's B-D Party

Misquamicut State Beach

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Sunday

Last Sunday Ted and I drove to E. Greenwich in the afternoon. We sped back, hoping to catch up with my 100 year old friend, Mollie, who was visiting Narrragansett for a few hours. We barely missed her at her beach house, but caught up with her and her two daughters and son-in-law at Ruth Nulman Park at Pt. Judith. What a time!! The constant onslaught of Igor's giant waves, spotted with hundreds of surfers was slightly hypnotic. We stood watching with hundreds of others. Mollie looked great. Her daughter had pushed her wheelchair up a slight hill. The canula, that hung from her nose the last time we saw each other was gone. The old Mollie was back. Content with the moment, she smiled, held my hand, and took in everything. Elements I love, combined together, making it unforgettable.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Ted picked one of the knockout roses and gave it to Ava so she could give it to her mom for her birthday. Theo helped Grandma Yayee pick tomatoes, pick raspberries and hunt for scat. These babies grow so quickly they seem to change overnight. (And we become more smitten with each passing day.)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ted and I both had our first day of subbing today. His was a half day PE position at my old school. He had a great time and looked really cute in his new sneakers, a plaid shirt, and a tie. I was in a fifth grade room at another school and had no problems. We are celebrating by having applesauce, spare ribs, and scalloped potatoes for dinner.... after waterwalking. (A man at church has finally told me how to make juicy, off the bones, BBQ'd ribs. recipe to follow!)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Written by David Lovelace, a man who is bipolar, this memoir lets the rest of us know what he struggles with day in and day out. Gut wrenching is the one word that describes his life off lithium. This is not a clinical approach to the disease... it is his day to day existence with parents and a brother who also have the disorder. Don't let abundance of the "F" word discourage you.... it's part of the story. If you know anyone who struggles with this monster... read the book.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Out of a Chicken Carcass, Teddie

Labor Day dinner, courtesy of Teddie. Thanks.

E. Matunuck St. Beach

Last day of summer was perfect... sunny, little wind and NO SEAWEED

Knockout Roses

These beauties have doubled in size since planting them in June


Hardworking hole digger.... the beginnings of a French drain

Saturday, September 4, 2010

After Earl

Putting everything back together.... fences, lifeguard stands...

Yayee's Helper

Rain Barrel

Barrel drained over 100 gallons of rain during Earl. A hose was attached to the spigot and drained water to the street. Normally we will save the water, but we were trying toi keep the basement dry!!

Misc. Wedding Reception

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricane Earl

This morning I went to the wall to look at the waves. At 9:00 the sun was still able to break thru the clouds. Waves were huge with lots of surfers looking like raisins in the water. By chance I met a friend and the two of us walked thru the S. Pavillion onto the beach. A forklift was removing all the lifeguard chairs, but lifeguards were in uniform with rescue gear waiting on the porch, just in case. By the time we turned around at the North Pavillion the sky had darkened. The sun was gone. We returned walking the wall back toward the Towers. Traffic was building, gawkers were everywhere and Channel 10 was stationed by the boarded up Coast Guard House. Half way to the Pier the rain began. Torrential for only about 10 minutes. We stopped at my car to get the umbrella and continued to Pier 5. More big waves with surfers trying to catch them. Then... My friend and I were interviewed by WPRO 630 am.... I have no idea if the blurb was aired or not...but it was fun to be interviewed. More rain expected tonight... but we are ready with our new rain barrel and numerous downspouts directing water to the street. No more flooded basements for us.


After spending a wonderful morning at Roger Wheeler State Beach yesterday Teddie and the kids returned to our home. We set up the wading pool to desand Theo. Was hot out and he enjoyed the water. In the process I brought my camera out and took a few pics. Then I put the camera down in the flower garden for safekeeping while I either turned the faucet off, got another chair, wiped Theo's face or held Ava. Today I found the camera case, but it was empty, so I began to search the house. No where to be found. Ted joined the search and said, "You had it outside, you know." Guess where he found it.... Unfortunatly it was out there while the first downpour from Earl saturated us..... Maybe I'll get a new camera with a bigger screen!!! (Or maybe the wet one will work after it dries out.)