Sunday, October 18, 2009

Totally Frustrated

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to post the rest of my pics. They are worth seeing, too. Sorry.

Can You Get it????

Teddie, Jesse, and John are most likely to hit the nail on the head figuring this one out. When I asked tonight at the dinner table... no one knew what it meant. I was surprised!!! Debbie you have a chance at getting it right, too.

Another Nephew's First Car

My Nephew's Legs

Friday, October 16, 2009

What is it??

Hint: It's my father's 90th. birthday present. He picked it up today

Now You Know, too

Now I'll let you in on a secret.... Yesterday with goggles snapped tight over my eyes I could see through the water to Rinconada's leaf clogged drain, as I swam laps in the deep end.. The leaves were smaller and there weren't as many but long ago... even before I thought of getting married... I found half of my wedding band on the bottom of that very pool. I was cleaning the bottom with breathing gear strapped round my head and a long handled broom in my hands when I noticed a glint in the pile of leaves. The simple gold band held a beautiful red ruby. I turned it in to the lost and found but at the end of the summer, when no one had claimed it, it was mine. After my accidient I had the stone and my wedding band combined, because I had to resize the ring anyway and I had always loved the red of that glittering stone. Interesting that the two main loves of my life, swimming and Ted, are connected.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

44 Years ago

Forty-four years ago I lifeguarded at Rinconada Pool, a public pool two blocks from my parents house. Fifty-four years ago, as a six year old, I learned to swim there. Today I walked thru the open gate that surrounds the pool, paid $2.00 for a senior swim ticket, jumped back in the deep end, and swam half a mile. The water was 10 degrees warmer than my parent's pool and felt perfect. Some things remained the same... the towering redwoods , the brown wooden slatted fence, and the feel of the water. Other things had changed. There is no waist high fence between the two pools, the overflows had been replaced and the boards, oh.... the long standing three meter dive tower is gone as are the two platforms that we guarded from... I will return tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Thanks to a friend you can see the trifle we enjoyed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Part of the Girls

Pure Fun

That's what the luncheon was... pure fun. Lots of laughs... good food and nothing like time traveling through 42 years. I LOVED having my old friends over and got so involved that I forgot to take any photos. You will just have to imagine the creamy mellow orange soup garnished with parsley and the red and white trifle that topped it off. To any of my old buddies who might read this... a BIG thank you for helping to make it such a memorable gathering. Nothing but pure fun!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Next Food Network Star

After walking the dog from 7:20 - 8:00 am I ate breakfast and began cooking for tomorrow's luncheon for my 10 high school friends. I think the Food Network should have been notified. A big pot of cream of carrot soup is simmering on the stove. Ingredients include 6 lbs of carrots, 12 cups of chicken broth, sauted garlic, onions, and almonds, a bit of yogurt and some fresh ginger. This afternoon we will shop for the walnut/craisin whole wheat bread, the ingredients for a recipe I copied out of a cook book in the high school home ec room where I subbed (California Waldorf Salad - spinach, apples, celery, toasted almonds, with a special curry/yogurt/honey dressing) and the fresh strawberries for the trifle. I already baked the 2 pound cakes I'll use in the dessert. My mother is convinced that I need to serve coffee and tea after lunch. "No," I said. "This is more like a picnic than a 50's luncheon."

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 1

Swam, walked the dog three times!!! (Mike walked her once) went to Trader Joe's, saw Robin and talked to everyone else. Hope to see Grandma today. Weather gorgeous. Shorts and short sleeves. Already finished shortening one of the four pairs of pants I brought along to alter. My dad added two pairs of Dockers to the pile!!Tomorrow I began cooking for the party on Saturday. Friday night we go to Alex's football game, Saturday is the luncheon, Sunday we leave to go to Jody's and Monday I drive to Cedarville, CA. (the farthest point in the northeast corner of the state) to visit my mother's oldest friend and her husband. Should be beautiful country, but they've already received snow!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Except for Lost Cell Phone

Except for my lost cell phone, which was left in Teddie's car, my trip was uneventful. I discovered it missing about ten minutes after she dropped me curbside. Slightly paniced, I explained to an older business like man what had happened and asked if I could borrow his cell phone to try and catch her. "No," he said very simply. I was shocked and walked away vowing to never turn anyone down under the same circumstances. The next person I asked was a middle aged woman, short, a bit squat and dressed like myself. She was more than happy to let me call... What a difference. No one ever answered the call so I left a message on John's phone and he did exactly what I asked and then some. Thanks for your help, John. Stopover was in Phoenix, a city I had never flown into. Looked like a golfer's paradise from the air. Mike met me at SFO within 5 minutes of my stepping outside. All quiet on the Western Front.

Monday, October 5, 2009


One last run to the dump and I'll be set to go. Teddie is acting as chauffeur on the East Coast. By 9:00 pm tonight I'll be in San Fransisco Airport, waiting curbside for my West Coast driver, brother Mike. Unfortunately my dulcimer is not making the trip. I was not willing to let the baggage handlers throw it around and it was too big for the overhead bin. My brother, Mike, is seeing if there are any on Craig's list or e-bay. I did have the option of buying a seat for the instrument but it seemed ridiculous to pay more for the seat than for the item!!