Sunday, September 28, 2008


Can't remember much of Friday except that I went swimming with Patti. Saturday I brought Grandma over to look at the various blogs at the computer 240. She said it was like being at a small movie theater, especially when we saw Evelyn hopping, singing and wiggling her ponytails. She saw your gorgeous pool, Ted, and was impressed. She laughed at Theo climbing up everything and said that his grandfather did the same!! At 4:45 Jane picked me up. We stopped by Target and a restaurant before dropping by her house to begin setting up her blog. You will find it listed on my sidebar, Before learning how to post photos Jane, Darryl and I went to a Nicholas Sparks movie, definitly a chick flick, but scary and sad. Beautiful scenery, set on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Unfortunatly I can't remember the title, but Richard Gere had a lead role. Back to Jane's to practice blogging, then home. I was exhausted because I had also gone swimming with Patti and everyday I walk Bingo from 7 - 7:30 am.


Josh & Teddie said...

YEah for Aunt Jane getting her blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

I think it's Nights in Rodanthe (a Nicholas Sparks book).

Check out my blog...I dedicated a Scrabble game to you!!!

Waterspout said...

One more to try and keep up with.