Saturday, July 24, 2010

Five Years Later

My buddy, Mollie, sat on the porch of the North Pavillion for six hours Thursday. Her daughter and granddaughter drove her down from West Warwick. Five years ago I met her on this very beach. She can no longer walk on the sand, but she was happy just surveying the scene. Half the people that walked up the steps knew her. In a typical Mollie gesture, she touched their hand and had a pleasant comment for each. This 100 year old friend is amazing.
We both look pretty stylish in our hats, but Mollie wins the overall prize for her matching hat and sweater. Hope you come down again, Mollie. I miss you!! Photo courtesy of Rhonda.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yesterday was stifling... By 3 pm the bottom of our house, the part with no AC, was like an oven, so we went to East Matunuck Beach. It was packed not only with people of all shapes and sizes, but with at least a hundred multicolored umbrellas. Water was unusually warm for mid July and tiny blobs of purple seaweed floated everywhere close to shore. Once I got in over my head the seaweed was less noticeable. Waves were not spectacular, but it sure felt good to float in water and catch a few good rides. After three summers without Ted it is a real treat to have him set up his chair next to mine and join me in the water. I'm lucky to have such a great spot only 10 minutes away. Will try to remember my camera next time.

Too Hot to Cook

Weather is hot and humid. Heat Waves (4 days above 90) are becoming the norm. No one wants to cook and hardly wants to eat. Good thing I discovered the "end cuts" in the deli section at Belmonts. (The lettuce is from our garden!!)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooling Off, Kinda

Another hot day. I thought if I went to the water at 9 am that it wouldn't be so oppresive. I was wrong. It was very hot. We lasted two hours, then left. I was good for nothing until 6 pm when I went to the Y. It's a sad day when I'm too hot to go to the beach in the evening.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Afternoon Activities 7/5/2010

Yes, there I am in a wading pool with my favorite tie-dye shirt one... teaching Theo how to blow bubbles. It was 93 out and he was a great student. He also liked pretending he was a tomatoe plant when I watered him!!

It's almost impossible to get Ava to smile AND look at the camera!!

Theo insisted on wearing my new sun hat and pretending he was a pirate.

100 Years

Imagine celebrating your 100th birthday at the Canochet Club at Narragansett Town Beach. That is exactly what my buddy, Mollie, did on the 4th of July. Over 100 people came from all over the country to honor this amazing woman. Her two daughters (ages 73 & 67) gave tributes to their mom which made me respect my spunky friend even more. For anyone who wated GMA on July 5th.... you saw my buddy, too. (Willard Scott honors centurians.) The first day I met Mollie, 5 years ago, I took the photo that adorned her cake. She was basking in the sun at our favorite beach, Narragansett.