Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amphilokhia, Greece

One of our many stops on our 15 hour ride home from Corfu. (This is the last of the Corfu trip shots!)

Views from inside the Old Fortress- Old Corfu Town

If you enlarge this shot you will see shacks leaning against the stone wall. We think they belonged to the fishermen whose boats were tied up.

A Temple built in 1953 inside the walls of the Old Fortress which was built at least 1500 years ago, probably longer.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Shots, Same Lunch

Calamari comes in all shapes and sizes. Too bad they didn't throw some tomatoes and cucs on for color. Seems like everything comes with a side of fries (and a wedge of lemon.)

Looking Toward Albania

Misc. Two Shots

Too much of the same color in this presentation... but it tasted great!!

Seems like I was forever shooting thru the bus window, trying desperately to capture it all.

Misc. Corfu Shots

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Find in Corfu

We were wandering around Corfu waiting to board the bus when Ted came running over.... "Quick, " he said excitedly, "you've got to take a picture of this..." My heart beat a little faster as I recognized the red and white word at the bottom of the board.... SCRABBLE.

Kononi, Corfu

Greek Dancing

Entertainment courtesy of our tour. What you don't see are all the tour participants off to the right guzzling ouzo in the hot sun.

Teddie Beware

This is how the traditional Easter lamb is cooked.... slowly, over a charcoal fire. (Don't click this one Teddie.... )

Walking the Wall in Old Corfu Town


Huge shrimp with eyes still on them. (Click to enlarge)

Achilleon, Corfu

Statue of Achilles (Yes, Achilleon is named for this Greek god)

One view from Achilleon (click on photo for better view)

Everywhere we went in Greece wisteria was in full bloom

Another view from the garden (click on photo for better view)

The baby in the painting at the bottom of this reminded me of Oliver
Achilleon was the summer home for the Queen of Austria. Built in 1890, it has had many uses over the years, including being a hospital during a war. It is now open to the public and a very popular tourist site. (click on this photo to see Oliver)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still Saturday Morning

Throngs wandering about after the pot throwing. Every street looked like this!!
Windows were draped with red clothes as part of the pot throwing hoopla.

Bands in Old Corfu Town

After the pot throwing three bands squeezed through the massive crowds. Only the first two were tooting their horns. The third band looked to be high school age and they were exhausted. It was a chore just to wend their way through all the people.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pot Throwing Old Corfu Town

The mother of all pots. You can imagine the shrieks when this one fell.
You can see a red pot in the air, dropping

Saturday morning we went into Old Corfu Town again to see the biggest event of their year. They throw ceramic jugs filled with water from 3-4 story balconies that are draped with red clothes. This is a tradition in Corfu only. The loud noise is supposed to scare Satan away. (Remember this is done the day before Easter.) The noise when these pots of all sizes flew and hit the cobblestones, was like gun shot and very LOUD. The throngs of Greeks hooted and hollered and clapped as it all happened. When the pot throwing stopped then three bands marched through the very crowded streets.

Views from Hotel Philoxenia

view from our door

Hotel was built on the side of a steep hill that is covered with old olive trees. If you click on the photo you will see rolls of black netting that are used when the olives are gathered.

Hotel Philoxenia Breakfast

Looks like a giant egg yolk. It's not!! It's Greek yogurt swimming in honey with a canned half peach on top.

Ted- Day One Corfu Trip

waiting to board the ferry at Ingoumenitsa, Greece

lunch break