Saturday, September 20, 2008


Walked Bingo at 7:00 am. My parents warned me to be on the lookout for a homeless man who hung out near the library, which is one block away. At the end of the walk, I rounded a corner near the library and saw a man in gray slacks, tie, and white shirt. He was gray headed and pushing a baby stroller filled with boxes. He was on the other side of the street and did not notice me, but... as he began walking up a gravel path behind the fire station he suddenly darted in the bushes. I was shocked when he dropped his drawers, squatted in the greenery, pink legs and butt in full view. The library bathroom wasn't open. I felt sorry for the guy and began wondering what it would be like to have no home to go relax in, to cook in, to read in, to bath in....... My brother Matt said I should have called the police... I felt otherwise


Waterspout said...

You did right. Let the little man be. It is nice to have a roof over head and food on the table. But more important to have friends and family.

Josh & Teddie said...

I agree with you. Leave him be, it may not be his fault he has fallen on tough times. Everyone has to poop and pee, if your lucky enough to have a bathroom, be understanding of those who don't. GOod call mom