Sunday, September 7, 2008

Over and Out

We did not feel the full fury of Hanna. It began raining around 10:00 pm last night then the wind picked up. Mr. Cat sat in my bedroom window, next to the screen, twitching his tail with each gust. I had a hard time going to sleep not knowing what tree might topple and imagining our basement full of water as I watched rain race down Whitford Street, but when I awoke at 7 the streets were dry and wind was gone. Nothing but blue. A welcome change from yesterday's heavy air and not a drop in the basement. I'm sure my prolific tomatoes will keep producing now that they've had a soaking.

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Waterspout said...

It is nice to go to work when the weather is bad. But even nicer to come out of a perfect day at work to a perfect day at the beach (or pool, if you are in Greece).