Thursday, July 14, 2011

Looks Like a Radish??

The other day I was thinning out the swiss chard and came across these radishes... or so I thought. The leaves didn't have that sharp taste that a radish leaf does but the red part sure looked like a radish, no?? After slicing the little devils I discovered that they were an heirloom beet that I'd forgotten I'd even planted. I ate a few raw thinking it was no big deal. About an hour later I felt like my throat had been rubbed raw with caorse grained sandpaper. So I began trying to soothe the pain by eating spoonfuls of honey, yogurt, and ice water. Nothing helped. Yuck. I was miserable for one whole day and will never eat another raw immature beet again.

Painting with SKLT

The painting below is based on the photo above it

all the stuff I had to cart in

Today I went painting with 5 other folks courtesy of the South Kingstown Land Trust, of which I am a member. I missed the first week, but today we went to Patch Pond, a beautiful spot that the SKLT has an easement to right off Route 1. It was a gorgeous spot. This is the first time I have ever gone painting outdoors with others. It was very relaxing and I'm trying my darndest not to kill my paintings byknowing when to stop. (I ruined the above painting when I got home.... by adding more....) I met some interesting people and was exposed to 5 other different styles. I had fun!!