Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wisconsin Walk

RI Fall

My beautiful peachy hydrangea - only looks like this for 3 days a year

Friday, October 29, 2010


Monkey see Monkey do

More MCM

Fun Chair for any Reader!!

Can you believe it!! This is a sitting area. The back of the chair is made of book spines. The spines are each about 1" thick and glued to a piece of curved plywood. If you enlarge the photo you will notice the overlapping grey felt along the top.... scraps from under a carpet.

Oliver making eggs at MCM

MSN Children's Museum - Roof Top Garden

Yes, even a brightly painted chicken coop - with happy birds inside!!

rain barrel

Oliver LOVES going up & down any stairs

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun at MSN Children's Museum

Oliver fascinated with a bubbling orb of smoking water . He ended up saturated!!

exiting the human gerbil wheel

Oliver watching the cow jumping over the moon...

Art Room - MSN Children's Museum

This is where I want to live!! There were no kids there because we were almost the first ones in the door at 9:00 am

Madison Children's Museum - recycled stuff

The fish paintings hung in a display at the old Madison Children's Museum.(Thank goodness they moved them!) The new Museum just opened on August 4, 2010. It is across the street from the capitol in a refurbished building. The wood flooring is an old basketball floor, laid in a random pattern. I loved it. The tables made out of old signs were cool, too.

Madison Children's Museuam - Artwork

Everywhere I turned there was color!! I loved this place.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My photos (especially the ones indoors) do not do the Wisconsin State Capitol Building justice. Set on a hill, it is the queen of the downtown area. Gorgeous. I was so impressed I bought a booklet about it. Well worth a visit. ( And we were just killing 15 minutes before the Madison
Children's Museum opened.