Thursday, September 27, 2012

What is it????

Unaltered photos of the strangest plant?? fungus??? whatever?? that I have ever seen... growing in the flower garden in California.  It breaks through the dirt and attracts flies and yellowjackets.  It had a bad odor.  I know at least two scientists who read this blog... HELP!!!  This is an alien plant.  It is very weird.

Label Your Photos!!!


Above is a photo of my husbands grandparents taken about 1903.  They are my grandchildren's great great grandparents.  Unfortunatly almost all the other people in the collage below are unidentified ..So get out your pencils and label any old photos you have.  Someday someone will surely appreciate your efforts.... 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the way home from Yellowstone

My first trip to Montana was so much fun.  I loved every minute.  Scenery was so gorgeous, weather was great, hostesses were gracious and welcoming.... Someday I hope to return.

Anticipation/Old Faithful

 click to enlarge the above photo... thousands of people waiting for the show to begin...

John's Montana World

 This is the store John works in

 the four above photos all show the area John lives in
Big Sky Meeting House

Yellowstone Park - part 7??

I know I've posted a lot of YNP photos, but it was a visual feast.... and we only saw about 1/3 of what was next to the main road!!!  September was the perfect time to visit... most kids were back in school, traffic was relatively light (except around Old Faithful) and the weather was wonderful. 

Yellowstone Park - part 6


Yellowstone Park - part 5

Yellowstone REALLY impressed me.... Now that I've purchased more storage from google... there will be plenty of more gorgeous shots.  This park should definitly be on everyone's bucket list!!