Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Yard

Waging War

I've tried insecticidal soap and oil to get rid of the worms that are eating the roses. Today I applied Penzey's ground chipolte. This is my science experiment for the year 2011. Results to follow. Hopefully the leaves don't burn!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

SKLT Henry Browning Trail

Rhode Island is filled with rock walls.

Ruins -looks like a basement

Want to guess what these three stones were used for? (They were not the steps into the house)

My good natured hiking buddy crossing a creeklet

Click to enlarge. There was so much going on on this rock.

The trail was well marked with blazes and easy to read signs This was the beginning of the 2 mile loop.

Not sure what these tiny bright green leaves are, but when the sun caught them just right they looked like butterflies.

There were also feathery pine seedlings

Ted and I drove 10 minutes from our house to check out a 4 mile trail that is maintained and owned by the South Kingstown Land Trust. It was a gorgeous day and we only passed two other hikers. We're anxious to return in a couple weeks to see everything greened out. Just one more reason why we love where we live. (This was my Mother's Day activity - one day early.)