Monday, August 29, 2011


Hurricane Irene hit us, but not full force. We had lots of leaves, sticks and branches down, but the power outages were fixed quickly and we had very little rain. It all fell on the west side of the storm. Many of my friends in Narragansett were still without power today. I'm having a tree guy come soon to prune back the huge oak by our front door, as a precaution.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Folklife Festival in Ridgeway, WI

Sorry these are sideways... just turn your heads sideways....

If you click on the above photo you will see a farm... very close by.

The playground was in the middle of rolling farmland.

Aunt Mary invited us to go to a festival close to her house on a site called Folklore Village. It was very picturesque and low key. We had a great time!!

One for John-Pop, the other for Josh

Church neighborhood

In the first and the 3rd photo you can see the LDS church bldg. that we attend on Bear Claw Way in Madison. It is an interesting neighborhood. (you have to enlarge the photos to see the bldg.)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catch-Up (Sort of)

Swimming every morning in the Middleton Cross Plains Aquatic Pool. Walking everywhere and needing afternoon naps. Happy to be with you know who. Left my USB cable in RI for my new camera... so we are still trying to figure out how to solve that!!! Weather is gorgeous, but it is great to have an air conditioning. We see Evelyn and her family almost daily... that's great.... Yesterday I had Jesse and the kids over for lunch after E's swimming lesson. I should come home fit as a fiddle!!!