Wednesday, October 1, 2008

UC Santa Cruz

View right near Marianne's dorm
Can you imagine going to college in such a gorgeous setting? My niece is lucky enough to live in the forest and go to school there, too. All the buildings are nestled in trees. She said she feels like she's at summer camp all year. The campus was very appealing to me. It was great to see Marianne, too.


Deb Kaz said...

Gorgeous. You are really enjoying the local scenery - good for you!

Waterspout said...

Marianne, looks so much like a college student. Where did all the youngsters go, where did they colleges everywhere to colleges everywhere. She went to one of the beautiful campuses. Hopefully you all told her to have a good time and not to let the books get in her way. Opps, that not what a grup is 'spose to say. But I said it any way, I said it any way.