Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've been busy subbbing at various schools, including the one I worked at in Narragansett. The variety of assignments keeps things interesting. When the weather is rainy my feet hurt more than usual, but I do notice that they are improving from my July surgery. Good News. I've renamed Theo "Mr. D" ... Mr. Distraction. With his irresistable smile he's hard to ignore and keeps me completely off track. I don't even have time to post blogs anymore. (I guess that means Dad will have less horse_ _ _ _ to read. (That's what Dad told me he thought of the blogs!) I love having Theo here and feel blessed by his sparkling happy self.


Josh & Teddie said...

And Theo sure does love having his grandma Lalee here to help keep him out of that jumper during those times of pumping that he is awake for. Just keep repeating Nov. 1st, Nov. 1st!

Waterspout said...

Are you sure I said that. Well I may have after reading some of my more recent posts. The weather is great over here and the water is warm; too bad you all are a little to comfortable at home. Oh ya you all have your reasons; some I buy and some... The little ones should be sent for a holiday. I am sure Lalee or is it Leela would love to escort them over and help show them a good time while they are here without their parents to spoil all the fun.

LaLee said...

No, no, no.. it was not you, Ted, my absent boyfriend. It was my father John, who made that unappreciative comment. I know you enjoy the blog.