Sunday, October 5, 2008


Went to the third session of General Conference at Menlo Park Stake Center. The screen was huge, 20 by 15. Most of the attendees were gray headed and stooped, missionaries, or Tongans. There were over 100 people there. Evidently it was broadcast on TV, but I never could figure out the correct channel. I enjoyed sitting in the crowd listening to the talks and reminisced about the many times I sat in the same room with Jesse, Kevin, and Evelyn. Soon I will be sitting in their Wisconsin Ward. Debbie, did you notice that President Monson said the same thing as Ekhart Tolle? I found that fascinating.


Waterspout said...

We will not get the confrence address for several weeks. They need to translate into Greek and I believe that the leaders do not want to have the English speakers have a favored position. It fine with me. The words will be just as true in several weeks or at least thats what we should be counting on.

Deb Kaz said...

What specifically did Pres. Monson say that reflected Tolle? I watched the whole thing (4 sessions), but I must have zoned out at some point!