Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween always turns back the clock for me. I remember running house to house in PA, trying to get as much loot as possible before we had to be home. We never missed "The Major's" house because he gave out huge candy bars, year after year. When we arrived home, sweaty and sugared up, we dumped the pillow cases out and began counting and trading. My mom would confiscate half of it and freeze it. "See if you can make it last ill Christmas," she'd say. The rest was rationed out so we didn't get sick.
Everyone should live in New England on October 31. This year the leaves were past their prime, but still rustled in the trees and gutters. The weather was unusally warm. Kids, dressed as princesses, vampires, and even washing machines... rang my doorbell. I was alone. Josh and Teddie took Theo out and John tromped around with our neighbors and their kids. John and I had cleaned up the front walkway this afternoon and we had 8 bags of baby candy bars. There was no onslaught of racing kids, but a steady parade of mostly younger kids, all accompanied by adults. Even with the door closed I could hear their voices and footsteps. When I passed out the candy I saw my 88 year old neighbor across the street doing the same. Were my parents passing out candy bars? Were my sisters and brothers? Hopefully everyone enjoyed the evening as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

You can count on it! The little ones were dressed up in Princess Lea,spiderman,Lamb and pirate outfits. They were so polite. Loads of Indian children whose parents were taking pictures at every house along the way. Mulan yipped but did allow a precious few to hold and pet her.

Josh & Teddie said...

Of course everyone was handing out treats, it wouldn't be fun if they didn't. Super glad you decided to go with us yesterday instead of doing something boring like subbing!