Monday, October 13, 2008

Last Night

Finished shredding my parents old checks and statements from 1947 - 1955. Filled one and a half big black garbage bags. Found the check for the hospital when I was born - $57.00 and the doctor's check for $188.00. Gave my Dad a quick lesson on how to use the camera on his cell phone and how to enter contact numbers/names. Vacuumed up the mess I made while shredding. Played one last game of scrabble with Patty and Mike and Mom and Dad. Printed my boarding passes. All I have left to do is shower, finish packing, make my lunch, walk the dog, eat, and strip the sheets off the bed. All before 9:30 am when Matt picks me up. Believe it or not I will miss my morning walks with the dog and my afternoon ones with my Dad. My nephew, Kevin, is supposed to stop by on his motorcycle tomorrrow morning before work. See you all soon.

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Waterspout said...

Safe travels and may the Lord always smile on you.