Friday, October 31, 2008

Trader Joes - RI

Teddie had told me weeks ago to be sure not to sub today because the first Trader Joes in RI was opening this morning in Warwick, a 25 minute drive north of us. After I went swimming we departed with Grammie, Josh's mom, and headed to Target, Gap, and Old Navy. Theo is a great shopper. Then we had lunch at Fresh City. With renewed energy we then headed to the mob scene at Trader Joes. Bumper to bumper carts in the store, but everyone smiling and happy. Carol saw a high school classmate who she hadn't seen for years. I discovered a new product I loved - crystallized ginger bits covered with dark chocolate. I thought it appropriate to eat half the container. After all, it was Halloween!!

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Lalee..You should have eaten the whole container! Your sis jane