Monday, October 27, 2008


Drove over the bridge this afteroon to Jamestown, passed through orange and yellow leaves glowing in the sunlight. Went with a friend to visit someone who lived on the north end of the island. Days like this make up for the freezing winter months, filled with boots, coats and shovels. Narragnasett Bay is breathtaking year round, but today there was a quiet stillness that made me wish the day would never end. The road the woman lived on had a view of the bay and an eclectic collection of well loved houses. It was a treat to find myself in another world, even if it was only for an hour and a half.


Waterspout said...

Savor those moments. Did you take your camera or was it another ted & laurie moment.

LaLee said...

I forgot my camera, but doubt if the lens could capture the feeling I had.