Monday, November 17, 2008

Wisconsin Day

Evelyn and I began walking to a nearby bakery at 10:30 am. It wasn't far but it was 30 degrees. Once inside she was easily distracted by the candies, cakes, and a giant gingerbread house that she sat in. I wish I had taken the camera. We arrived home at 11:30, just as it began to spit snow. By 12:15 it was snowing hard. That lasted a good 45 minutes, then the sun came out and melted everything. Weather is very changeable and grim. Until arriving here I had never seen a Dora the Explorer Cartoon. Evelyn is hypnotized by them and the library has quite a collection... so yes, I am letting her watch cartoons when I run out of energy. She has been great. Very sweet and pooping and peeing right where I want her to. Yeah!!


Josh & Teddie said...

hey your teaching her not only english but spanish as well. Jesse will come home to a bilingual daughter!

Waterspout said...

Evelyn must love having you there. Eventhough she does not get to eat everything she makes, she does have another BEST friend.