Friday, November 14, 2008

Milwaukee Visit #2

Left Middleton at 3:30 after Kevin had his eye appointment. Drive was uneventful and not too bad. We began in congestion, drove thru 25 miles of farmland, then back into sprawling traffic. Jesse loves seeing Evelyn. The two of them are in the shower together as I type. She looks good and seems to be in pretty good spirits. Evelyn and I will be going to a nearby hotel for the night. Kevin has a fold up bed and can stay with Jesse. Tomorrow morning we will return to the hospital for more visiting then we will return to Madison. Evelyn and I made flat bread this morning. She ended up with one piece to play with and had a great time rolling it, squishing it and pounding it with a meat tenderizer. (We ended up a throwing her piece away.) Aunt Mary came to dinner last night and helped Evelyn and me rake the back yard. It was 50 degrees then, almost balmy compared to some of the 20 degree mornings we've had.

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Deb Kaz said...

I'm so proud of you - you've turned into quite the adventurer. I called Victoria today - she is very worried about driving to my house tomorrow night - only knows how to come via Rte. 2 (thanks to you, Laurie!) I talked her through it, but I'm not sure she'll be here. Jean Bernard is definitely coming - did not like the book. Victoria did like it - I think she's the only one so far -so I hope she makes it!

I'm so proud of you and your driving adventures. I'm sure Ted is in shock, all the way over there in Greece! You are a good Lalee to Evelyn - you can sleep when you're in RI - enjoy!