Monday, November 10, 2008

Madison, WI

Am sitting in Jesse's hospital room while Kevin pushes Jesse and Evelyn around the halls in a double wide wheelchair. It sounds like a decision might be made tomorrow as to whether Jesse returns home or travels to Milwaukee for the rest of the pregnancy. No decision as of yet. From her 6th floor window I can see two older brick buildings that look like old schools. In the distance the tops of brown trees with clouds and blue sky floating above. Woke up this morning to 20 degree weather, but it only seemed like it was the low 40's due to the lack of humidity. My foot is 100 % better here than in RI. That tells me that most of my foot problems are due to arthritis. This morning Evelyn and I took a shower together and she screamed when it was time for her to get out. She had a dental appt. at 9 am. Since this was her first visit to the dentist, she was a bit apprehensive. All they did was clean her teeth!! She came out smiling, gripping a toothbrush in one hand and a toy in the other. While she went to gymnastics with Kevin I went to Cub Foods and bought food for a week. I made a weeks worth of menus last night, so I knew what to get. Evelyn does not like casseroles, so the menu is pretty plain. Tomorrow night we are having her favorite ... pepperoni pizza!!! All of you who know me as a timid driver would be very proud. I've driven to church, to the grocery store and even to downtown Madison. No problems and it's a stick shift!! My day began at 4:30 am. I guess my body is still on RI time. So although it's only 1:20 I'm going to stretch out on Jesse's bed and get some rest.


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You go girl!

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