Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waunakee, WI

Departed at 9:45 with Evelyn and drove 15 minutes north of Middleton to Waunakee where a young mother with three kids had invited Evelyn for a play date. It was amazing to drive 10 minutes from Jesse and Kevin's house and be in farm country complete with silos, barns, cowns, plowed fields, tractors,.... Waunakee looked like a once very small town that was built because a railroad came along. Many WI towns have tracks paralleling Main Street. Now Waunakee is a suburb, mostly a bedroom community for Madison. I enjoyed seeing the countryside. The color of this type is the same color of the corn stubble I passed.

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Waterspout said...

Did it remind you of RI at all. Those small towns, villages are the beauty of many counties reminding of of a much less complicated time when folks had the time or rather took the time to smell the roses. We all need to smell those roses from time to time wheather in the country or the heart of the biggest city. They are there; we just need to discover them. Give that little one a big hug from Old Man.