Thursday, April 17, 2008

Upcoming Trip to Crete

Bought tickets yesterday for our upcoming trip to Hania, Crete and Irakion, Crete. Going there will be an 8 hour ferry ride during the day. I`m assuming we will stop at other islands along the way. Coming back the ferry is only a six hour ride. I did look into flying there, but tickets were 436.00 euros ($600.00) each - round trip. The ferry tickets for both of us were 124.00 euros. We are not going till April 29, the Tuesday after the Greek Orthodox Easter. We were told that the week before Easter everything is mobbed. Returning on Saturday, May 3.

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Josh & Teddie said...

Cutting it close, get in all those trips b/c then you get to come home and see us all. We miss both you guys and can't wait to see you.