Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hania, Crete

Doorway to the synagogue in Hania. This one's for you, Mollie!!
We went snorkeling off the side of a boat in Hania. Ted brought up dead sea urchins.

Ted on our rooftop garden of El Greco Hotel, Hania.

Caught in the act!

(out of order) this is view we saw of Athens as we left gate E-3 for Crete

My family will know why this is included!

partial view of Hania Harbor, Crete

Theotokopoulou St, Hania, Crete
more harbor views


Ted playing you know what on othe ferry over.

Arrived in Hania, Crete, yesterday after a glorious 8 hour ferry ride. Was very relaxing and refreshing to run around the decks and explore the ship. The great-grandmother of them all, it floated 9 stories above the water. Except for the fact that it was old and worn, we could have been on a cruise. Very few other passengers, considering the size of the monster. People were sleeping on the floor in corners, sipping hot drinks around the drained and very ancient swimming pool, and gazing out windows. We spent a lot of time outdoors watching the wake and watching for islands and other ships. Was a great day, with little wind, except at the end. We thought we were arriving in Hania where our hotel was, but the ship docked 8 kilometers away in Souda. So we hopped on a local bus and ended up in the newer Hania. Still had to locate Old Hania. We dragged our suitcases down 6-8 streets and found our hotel. This posting is gratis of the hotels internet access. More later. PS Cretan food is great!

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