Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter Dinner with friends in Mati

Many Greeks only dye their eggs red, to remind them of the blood Jesus shed.

Dishes included grilled lamb, slow roasted goat with potatoes, a baked artichoke dish with carrots , potatoes, and a lemon sauce, two delicious salads (one with sliced figs and pecans in it), quiche, and tzazki. A plate of fresh fruit and cheeses was served afterwards ... then after our walk we had the sweets. Needless to say, we skipped dinner that night. We stopped at a special bakery on our way to Mati and took a traditional dessert whose name begins with a G. It was a milk pie with a Phyllo crust, drenched in a sweet syrup. People were standing in line at the bakery waiting to get their desserts. Our hostess had also made individual cheese pies as appetizers. This meal was delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Yes - that explains the red eggs! Matt said that Nora's mom was dying red eggs on Thursday before Easter. I asked if she only used red and he wasn't sure. Did your friends use natural dyes or the usual Paas type??

Enjoy Crete! Love, DK