Friday, April 25, 2008

Dinner with Friends

Maria, a co-worker of Ted's, invited us to dinner at her house on Thursday. We all left work together. Rode the B-5 , then the metro from Ethnyki Amyna to Panormou, then walked up hill for 20 minutes to her house. We had a great time. Arrived home by 10 pm.
Nikos, age 88, with friends
Maria with her father

Because we were eating during Holy Week, and Greek Orthodox members fast from meat then, Nikos did not eat any of the baked chicken. Dinner included a delicious green salad with dried tomatoes and pine nuts, string beans with tomatoes and onions, a bean salad with tomatoes and tuna, and bread. It was delicious. Thank you, Maria!!

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Josh & Teddie said...

that does look really good, Im telling you mom you need to either be writing down all the recipes or getting an easy cookbook of greek foods for me!