Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March 31 - Our Marathon Day

1. After riding bus and metro went to the Acropolis and hiked to the top. Stupendous.
2. Down Acropolis and up the scary stairs at Mars Hill (Paul preached from that hill.)
3. Down the stairs, on to the Agora and all the temples and stoas that it included.
4. From there on to Monastriki Square (all torn up with construction), then to Hadrian`s Library
5. Then to the Roman Forum and The Tower of the Wind. (more ruins...)
6. By then we were hungry, so we found a cute taverna in the Plaka and ate on a very narrow street . Greek Salad and cheese pie. Lots of water.
7. Walked Ermou. Resisted buying 250.00 shoes (Debbie!)
8. Boarded tour bus for Sounion, 50 miles south of Athens. (photos later)
9. Passed by coastal communities and the turquoise Aegean. (a few swimmers in the Sea)
10.Sounion. One picture is worth a thousand words. Tomorrow. Gorgeous.
11. Tour bus back to Syntagma, rode metro and 2nd bus home.
12. Ate dinner of frozen spinach pie at 9:00. Crashed.

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Josh & Teddie said...

sounds like a lot of exercising!