Friday, April 4, 2008

Debbie`s Last Day

My whirlwind week of playing tourguide is over. It was definitely more fun to see the sights with someone. More about last week later, but Tony... if you`re reading this... Debbie is somewhere between here and there. We were all set to walk to the bus stop about 2 blocks away when the phone rang. The senior missionaries asked if I wanted to go to IKEA. I said no, because Debbie and I were going to the airport. They said, "No Problem, we`ll do both." It turns out that IKEA is a stones throw from the airport. Debbie was dropped right at the airport in plenty of time. I bought an egg crate for our bed, a mattress protector, and some fun things like plastic measuring cups and those great blue IKEA dishtowels . The egg crate was more like a mattress and would have been very hard to carry on the bus, so it was great to get a ride. After arriving home I went to ACG and swam 36 laps. Water was perfect and sun is shining like summer. Look for the photos in two days, Debbie.

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