Thursday, April 9, 2009

Take Off

At 5:50 am this morning the radio cab was sitting in front of our apartment, blinking its' lights, waiting . Ted helped install the carseat in the cab, the driver loaded all the suitcases, stroller, etc, and Teddie, Theo and I departed. At that time of day there was no traffic going to the airport. Theo was intrigued with the GPS screen on the dashboard. He seemed a bit zoned out, but is used to sleeping two and a half more hours than he did. Last I saw Teddie and Theo, they had passed through security and were on their way. It is 5:00 pm now and they are somewhere over the Atlantic, heading home. I can only imagine how confused/tired/ and generally wiped out the two of them will be when they touch down in PVD tonight. (2 am Greek time) I wrote some haiku about their visit and will post them later. I forgot them at home.
Big news... Ted and I are leaving on March 17 (Good Friday for the Greek Orthodox Church) for a five day tour of Corfu. We will be traveling by bus, then ferry to the Island in the Ionian Sea, west of the mainland. The tour is given in Greek. We have been told however, that the tour guide understands English. The hotel is 100 meters from the Sea and because it is Easter weekend we will be attending all kinds of religious celebrations there, too.
We have never gone on an organized tour, but it seemed like a stress free way to go. All transportation, 2 meals a day, and hotel are included. It should be fun. (Get out your maps and see where Corfu is!!)
Teddie, I was able to exchange the zester!!


Josh & Teddie said...

YAY! we are home without luggage though, so no greek chocolates....sad day in my life.
I had a dream about the baklava from last night....BRING SOME HOME!
Thanks again, we had a lot of fun

Anonymous said...

glad everything seems to have worked according to plan! Hope you and Ted have a wonderful tour. Love Mom & Dad

Deb Kaz said...

Great plan - should be really relaxing - you don't have to think at all! Just enjoy. Appreciate the peace and quiet and have fun.