Monday, April 13, 2009

Koukouvayia (Owls Eyes)

My friend, Jane, gave me another very Greek recipe. After you read it you'll se why it's called what it is.... owls eyes!!

Take two rusks (hard pieces of stone ground bread). Put them side by side on a plate (like two eyes). Sprinkle warm water on them to soften them somewhat. On top of the two eyes put freshly chopped tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil and black olives. (Once again... remember the Greeks are very generous with the olive oil.) By the time the first forkful hits your mouth the hard bread will have softened and absorbed lots of the flavors that have been piled on top of it.

ps.. when I go in the grocery store I always wondered why there were so many different kinds of dried bread, packaged so nicely. Now I know.

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