Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Recipe clipped from a handout at the ACG Wellness Fair, with a few additions by Jane. Fasolada is a hearty vegeterian Greek soup. Mine ended up more like stew.
1/2 kg. white beans (not lima and not small ones)
1 onion
3 carrots
3-4 tomatoes
celery ( I used yellow peppers instead)
1/2 cup olive oil
chunk of lemon rind
Soak the beans overnight in plenty of water. Rinse well and boil about 20 minutes. Drain. Chop the vegetables and add them to the beans. Add seasoning and about 4 cups of water. Boil the soup at low temperature till the beans are tender. You may have to add more water depending on how thick you want the soup. Add the olive oil after the beans are soft. Jane says if you add it before, the beans will take much longer to cook. Throw in a chunk of lemon rind. Fasolada is usually served with smoked herring and olives. Adding a slice of whole wheat break or rusk gives you a meal that has all the essential amino acids one needs. (Amazingly this soup did NOT creat havoc with my gut. I'm not sure why, but I rinsed the beans every chance I got. I also threw a handful of leftover cooked greens into my pot.)


Anonymous said...

Yummm. Looks delicious and just up Jeff's alley. I will try as soon as te refer bcomes less congested.

Josh & Teddie said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks so good, I think I will try this one, I was going to ask you to post this recipe and then BAM! there it is! YOu read my mind...
Theo sure does miss Grandma Lalee and Old Man, every so often Ill say where are they? and he looks around and then looks at me as if to ask "i dont know, where did they run off to?

Deb Kaz said...

You are making me hungry, every time I check your blog! Unfortunately, I usually eat something bad when that feeling comes over me! Hope you're having fun - have a great trip to Corfu (sp)