Friday, April 3, 2009


First time I've had to post in 7 days. A little different with a 14 month old running and climbing. Theo is finally on schedule as far as eating and sleeping. Today we arrived home from Kendriki Agora (Central Market) and Akropoli (The Acropolis) just in time for him to take a two hour nap. I laid down, too and was out like a light. Just finished swimming 18 laps. Teddie and Theo headed home and Ted and I will follow. Weather is in 60's and 70's. Dust in the air from Africa has moved on. We wake up to blue skies. Gorgeous weather, and the Greeks are still bundled up in coats/scarves!! Black is still their favorite color altho we see bits of color here and there as we walk down the street. When Theo naps Teddie and I try to cram in scrabble games. Our win/loss record is dead even. It is fun to have someone to play with. Tomorrow may just be a down day as we are all a bit worn out. I didn't realize my daughter was such a foodie. She admitted that she'd much rather sample Greek cuisine than look at ancient ruins!!! Debbie, I love the book you gave me, but it keeps me up at night. It is hard. Perhaps it will sharpen my word skills. Hope the weather is warming wherever you are.


Deb Kaz said...

Glad you like it, but no staying up at night - you need your rest when the little goober is present! Sounds like you're having a ball - enjoy your husband. Teddie must have loved the big market in Athens that we went to last year - that was definitely a highlight.

Eva's Mom said...

what book? what book?

Deb Kaz said...

Oh, Jesse, nothing special - I saw it at Sam's - it is a Scrabble "exercise" type of book. Apparently it is a numbered series - I bought it for your Mom's journey and all the down time she'll have once Teddie and Theo return to their home.