Saturday, July 11, 2009

Upcoming Trip

Packing for my trip to DC on Monday, even bought myself some new clothes... Will take the train down on Monday, arriving at 2 pm. I have the rest of Monday and Tuesday till 3:00 to sightsee. Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday I will be busy with informational meetings, photo ops, (Yeah!!) and meetings with senators (or their staff). Wednesday evening and Thursday till 11 am will be more free time. I'm looking forward to an adventure. Maybe someone at Pew will let me blog on their computer. Yesterday John and I went to East Matunuck State Beach. Nice weather, but poor waves. I guess I should be grateful that it wasn't raining or thundering!!

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Waterspout said...

Hope you take a bite out of those who would wreck havock on our sea ecology.

The Old Man

ps. Have a great time and do some networking while you are there, you never know when one of the big wigs can help. And besides, it will always be fun to do a little name dropping.


pss. the word verification for this blog comment was "utrafin". Well mabe it had an "s" in there some where.