Sunday, July 26, 2009

Record Breaking

July is not even over and RI's rainfall has already broke a 104 year old record. We've had over 10 inches of rain in the past 26 days. About every 6th day we have some sun, just enough to run to the beach, swim and get home. The tomatoe plants are struggling, the downspouts need repairing, and the lawn needs mowing all the time. I kick myself for not just putting the whole garden into swiss chard. Today the humidity is wretched.


amber said...

Did you see Peace Dale? Even the road to recycle was flooded and almost no able to use. What would we do without our bi-daily recycling? Ha Ha! How is the ipod?

Waterspout said...

Sorry to hear that. It's nice and sunny here in Athens with a little breeze today. Hope the weather pattern in RI changes in the next week. But I know two dispositions which should be sunny Saturday after 5 or 6.