Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Caught some Waves

Two days ago I went with John to Narr. Town Beach . It was 5:30 and cloudy. Sadly, I was too tired to put my suit on. John did, though. As soon as we arrived he took off his shirt, went in the water and dove through a wave. I was a bit envious. It was nice to be on the chair, by the water, oblivious to everything else.

Yesterday I took two of my primary students to East Matunuch Beach. It was sunny and warm. This time I took advantage of the opportunity and went in. The lifeguard said the water was 61, but she must have been wrong. It was perfect. I caught some small waves and had a great time.

I'm glad I went yesterday because we have had nothing but rain, thunder and lightning ALL DAY today. I have a vet who comes to the house and the cat was so spooked by a loud crack of lightening two houses away that we couldn't find her and we both looked everywhere. As soon as the noise stopped (and the vet left) Mr. Cat appeared. The vet returned an hour later and my buddy got three shots. One more item to check off on my "to do" list.

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Waterspout said...

Glad you got to the Beach.