Thursday, July 30, 2009


Exciting News. When I was lobbying for the passage of senate bill 850, The Shark Conservation Act of 2009, I met with aides for Senator Jack Reed (RI) and Senator Ron Wyden (OR), and asked them to co-sponsor this worthwhile legislation. Within 3 days of my return Senator Wyden (an old high school classmate of mine) had signed on to co-sponsor. Yesterday I received word that Senator Jack Reed had also joined the list of co-sponsors. The third senator, Senator Whitehouse (RI) was already a co-sponsor. My visit to Washington DC made a difference!! Incredible. Now.... I'm sure you would all like your senators in CA and WI to jump on the bandwagon. Please write to them or call them with your request to co-sponsor Senate Bill 850.... An even easier way to reduce shark finning is to visit either of the following two sites and sign their petitions. or If you go to you look on the left sidebar for threats to sharks. then navigate to shark finning, then go to take action. Please let me know if you helped out.

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Anonymous said...

i joined the oceana group so i am taking action!