Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Four Strikes/ Home Run

Strike #1 - got all dressed at 7:45 to go swimming only to discover a flat tire. Called AAA.
Strike #2 - Needed three new tires, not just one. So got 4 to make them all the same.
Strike #3 - when tires were removed it was apparent that I needed front and back brakes.
Made appointment for Thursday.
(I thought three strikes was enough, but when my lens popped out of my
fitovers... I had to laugh. It was easitly fixed.)
Home Run - The Terminex Man came to treat for millions of black bugs near the furnace.
I assumed they were termites, but turns out they were ANTS and all DEAD!!! He
treated the area, and said to call him if there was any more activity.
Two outs to go!!

1 comment:

Waterspout said...

Just remember a game is normally nine innings!
Unless rained out - New England style,
or tied and goes into extra innings.
I like the second choice; so hold on all the rain & humidity.