Sunday, June 7, 2009

Running Out of Time

Am trying to post everything before I leave, but there are lots of photos that you'll just have to see in person. I get tired of sitting at a screen. It is above 90 today, very little wind and feels like an oven. I think I timed my Wednesday departure perfectly. Yesterday Ted and I went downtown to the one museum I had never been into, The National Archeological Museum. Saw all kinds of statues that I was very familiar with from my days as an art history major. The musum was airconditioned, too... which made it very pleasant. Tomorrow is a Greek holiday. The Holiday of the Holy Spirit!! ACG is closed. Looks like we will go grocery shopping and spend every free minute at the pool!!


Josh & Teddie said...

we finally got online and i got to view all the awesome pictures! Amazing! I wish we could have gone, Theo would have loved it! I love the white buildings against the blue ocean especially! We can't wait to see you in 2 days!

Deb Kaz said...

Those pictures were the most gorgeous yet - even Tony took a look and admired them. Not to disparage your photographic talents, which are great, I bet it's hard to get a bad picture of that location!

Looking forward to hearing from you when you are back. Love to Ted.