Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ephesus - Turkey

Just a few of the many photos Ted took at this giant site. This was my favorite stop on the cruise, probably because it was in the middle of nowhere, far from honking horns and that stinking diesel fuel. We left the ship at 7 am and were one of the first groups to walk through the gate into Ancient Ephesus. It was not scorching hot, yet, although you'll notice that most people had hats and short sleeves, and sometimes umbrellas. We were there a good hour, walking down the main road. The guide made it very clear that we were only seeing 10 - 15 percent of the entire site. This was a thriving city in its' day. No wonder Paul came here. It used to be near the sea, but it is now 8 kilometers from water. Its' demise came because a river meandered too close and malaria wiped out the people. Everything about this place was fascinating. Remind me to show you more of the shots when I return. (Don't forget to click on the photos for greater detail.)

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