Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I had the perfect sub job all lined up, 4 hours at an elementary school one block from my house. Winter interferred with those plans. School was cancelled due to an early morning snowstorm. I did spend time shoveling, so when the rain arrived in the afternoon, the driveway cleared up perfectly. Now the rain has stopped and wind is drying everything up. Of course the ever pessimistic weatherman tells us that any remaining water will freeze tomorrow morning. Even with snow falling, John caught the bus to work and managed to get a ride from a co-worker to BK for his shift there. I'm pleased that he got himself where he needed to be on his own. Tomorrow should be clear.


Waterspout said...

Thinking of you always.

%The Old Man & your LLL

Deb Kaz said...

Yes - this winter has been a bear, but the sun this morning is gorgeous - enjoy!

TK fell on the ice in our driveway yesterday and split his scalp! I'm sure you remember the ice that I warned you about and told you that he wouldn't put chemicals on . . . hmmmmm