Monday, January 12, 2009


I finally unpacked my big suitcase and balanced the checkbook. Lucky for me, Teddie balanced it on Dec. 3 and not many checks were written. Still, when one leaves their checkbook with someone else, it always takes time to detangle it and make minor corrections. Lots of icy snow yesterday. Church was cancelled (just like WI). Scraped Teddie's car and area around her car today. Even in 32 degree temps, the sun feels great!! I got a call at 6:30 am to sub today and told SK that I would not be available till next Monday. So this week is a Vacation!! I've had a sinus infection (earache) for 8 weeks and am going to the doctors in 2 hours. Hopefully I can wean myself from sudafed and feel better.


Waterspout said...

Make it a vacation! Let everyone their serve you like the Queen you are.

The Old Man

Deb Kaz said...

I concur. I didn't realize you'd been under the weather all this time. Hope you get a cure from the M.D., but don't plan on it!

Eva's Mom said...

My cures for a WI sinus infection.

Cure 1
step 1: put a pot of water on to boil
step 2: hang your head over the water for as long as possible
step 3: blot your face off
step 4: repeat

Cure 2
step 1: turn the hot water on full blast
step 2: soak a wash cloth
step 3: wring it out
step 4: press wash cloth into your sinuses until it cools off
step 5: repeat

Cure 3
wasabi (I haven't tried this one, but it seems like it would work) :)

Cure 4
step 1: buy a plane ticket to a milder climate
step 2: leave WI