Thursday, January 29, 2009

1421 The Year China Discovered America

Just finished a fascinating book by Gavin Menzies which documents the world wide exploration and colonizing of the entire world by China between 1421 and 1423. Packed full of facts and theories, this is a well documented examination and explanation of many mysterious and previously unexplainable findings all over the world. For example, he credits the round tower in Newport, RI, to the Chinese who built an identical sturcture in China years before. He also has a logical explanation for the Bimini Road and for the writings of Verrazzano, in which he describes finding golden skin people living in RI when he landed long ago. Did you know that a huge Chinese junk, was found buried under a sandbank in the Sacramento River off the NE corner of SF Bay and that the wood that it was made of is only grown in China? (p. 203-204) The last quarter of the book is filled with appendices, footnotes, and bibliographies. One bit of advice, skip the chapters that hold no interest to you. I skimmed chapters 6 and 7. The author says he's set up a website at Check it out.

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My your book list does grow1 Good for you.

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