Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Hoops to Jump Thru or NOT

Ted and I decided to become subs in the system we grew up in. It was easy for him, as he had earned a California LIFE credential 40 years ago. (I don't think such an animal is even given today.) My situation is different. Things were moving in the right direction unitl yesterday when the two of us drove to San Jose to "register" my RI credential with the county. I thought we would walk in, hand them the paperwork, and depart. No such luck. First I was told I needed my original diploma from UC, not a copy. (My original is at home, safe in RI) Second, I was told that I needed to have my fingerprints done for the FBI, even though I had gone thru the process on Dec. 21. Turns out that the State needs revenue, so that will be $71.00, please. To top it off, the Praxis tests that I studied so hard for in the mid 90's (and passed) were not accepted in California.... so in order to complete this bureaucratic mess I have to take CBEST, a test just for California. After all that rigamorol I decided to sub as an assistant, only. Much less paperwork for that. When I returned to the local school district offices to see if that would work out the woman said, yes.... but she continued, "You'll have to repeat the fingerprinting because you failed the first one!!!" Of course, I thought.... I had a serious hand injury... At 2:45 Ted and I traveled to the Stanford Sub Station to go thru the fingerprinting process again. The technician told me I would fail again, but after two tries they put your NAME thru the FBI computers instead of your prints. I was totally exhausted by the time this day ended and somewhat disheartened. The ironic thing is the PA School District is in need of subs for art, the subject I enjoy the most.

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Deb Kaz said...

You're scaring me! Are you ever coming back to RI?????