Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Garden

In the forground is a wavy bunch of lettuce seedlings. Sprouted on their own. Made it very easy for me to transplant them to the bed beyond.
Bluebery plants in big pots were moved from the side yard to this much sunnier spot. Hopefully they will like it... if not they move somewhere else. In the forground is a pea patch, (which are about 3/4" high) beyond that transplanted lettuce plants. (and NO SNOW) To the right of peas are beets, just tiny red threads at the moment. Working in the yard is another pleasure, courtesy of a warmer climate.

One of the two rhubarb plants that is returning from last spring, freshly fertilized and cultivated, fencing to keep dog out.

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Gerald said...

Wow. It's not fair. You are way ahead of us.

the Beardman